Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nitpicking but with care..

So maybe I'm being picky , or have been asleep and missed something but it seriously bugged me so I have to throw it out there..

Daddy Chaos & I re-joined that lovely little group that sends you movies in a red envelope in the mail..  Mainly because we can now stream movies live thru our Wii (cuz how awesome.. of course it's not so awesome that it's all old movies but still...).  Regardless of the reasons, we joined and promptly made a list of movies that would not stream and had to be mailed.. Oh the agony of waiting.. I hate it..

Recently, we got "New in Town" with Renee Z. & Harry C. Jr (shortened not for googling reasons but bc I can't spell their last name and am too damn lazy to look it up..).  The movie itself was cute. But when it first started up, Daddy Chaos & I both looked at each other and said WHAT THE HELL happened to her face??  Poor Renee looks like she's aged 20years.  Maybe it's just been a while since I've seen her in a recent movie and this is not something new but it honestly bugged me the entire movie.. It was like I couldn't concentrate on the actual movie because when she was in the scene (which was most of them) I kept thinking- was it plastic surgery gone wrong? Does she know she somehow aged like this overnite? Surely she knows, how can she not know? Should I send her a kind note?  I mean I still love her, the movie was cute & funny but maybe no one has told her that something dramatic happened to her overnite?    Or maybe I've been in stasis for the past 10+yrs and didn't realize? 

Now don't get me wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong with aging.. In today's society, it seems our celebrities don't age at all and sometimes go backwards in age.. So you can understand why this thru me for a complete loop.

Apparently today is the day to be shallow and petty, but it just stuck out at me that I had to say something..  Come on peeps, does anyone know WHY??

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