Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Spanish of Chinese..

Once upon a time, I took Spanish in highschool. Not because I really cared to learn Spanish but our school only offered Spanish or French & I personally couldn't stand the French teacher.

SeƱor Craw was the bomb at being a cool teacher. I think most of us took his class for the sheer fun of being around him. Sure, we learned some Spanish here and there too but it was the party class. His was the class you hoped you got assigned to help in during study hall. We would sit there and speak Spanish around the poor 1st years and laugh.

Craw was one of the first people at school that knew why I turned down my full ride scholarship. Rather than be condemning he wished me well and knew that life just offered another path. It absolute broke my heart when he was killed in a car accident two years later.

While most of my Spanish knowledge is gone with the wind, one small tidbit of useless knowledge I picked up from my years with Craw has stuck with me..

This I will share with you today.. Remember it well and carry it with you always.

When reading a fortune cookie always add the words " in bed " to the end.

I share this with you today not for the long backstory into my highschool years but because we had Chinese for supper last nite. Naturally Daddy Chaos likes to share his fortunes with me when they are especially good.

A man's best possession is a sympathetic wife.."in bed".

uhmm no..and why do I never get really good ones ?

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  1. My husband and I had Chinese food for lunch the other day. I almost threw the fortune cookie away, but thought of you and had to at least open it to see what it said.... "The only good is knowledge and the only evil ignorance" - in bed. :)


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