Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Secret List Reveal

Essie is always encouraging us to reveal sides of ourselves that we don't generally flaunt to the public.  This time she would like us to bring out our secret list and share with the world.  Uhmm, it's secret for a reason.. But alas, I'll play along..  Here's the rules so you can play along too , although let me whine-- why only 3? I thought it was 5 or 10.. geez:

This week's Too True Tuesday is about your List of 3. On a TV show called Friends 100 years ago, there was a couple that had been dating. They each established a list of 3 people they could *ahem* stray with and it wouldn't count. As long as the person you cheated with was on your list, you got a free pass! In addition, none of the 3 people could be ya' know, like your neighbors. Or the mechanic down the street. Each person on your list had to be an unattainable celebrity of some sort.

So my list... wait, before I start my list I have more to say (you're surprised aren't you?) I have a major thing for voices/accents. This does skewer my list.. And like another TTT player mentioned, I have a fictional character list too.. ha.. Cuz I'm special and I'll have two or three lists!

Celebrity List- Alive and Real
1. Matthew Mcconaughey
Girls, who would NOT have him on their list.. Yes he's an obvious choice.. He's got a great body but I love his southern accent.. I have a weakness for it.  Heck I named a kid after him (or not).. Plus geesh look at his name Mcconaughtey..  'nuff said.

2. Gerard Butler
Again with the accent.. LOVE it!! He doesn't have Matthew's body but ohh the voice. Daddy Chaos agreed he liked him, which immediately makes him more of a shared list vs on my list.. but Daddy has since tried to renege on it & claim he doesn't like him that way.. Geesh.

3.  Brad Pitt
This version right here.. Not the current facial crap he has going on.. I like his voice too but sorry the other guys rank higher b/c they have better voice/accents.  Brad gets in on purely looks alone. 

Honorable Mentions:
Johnny Depp-
  I didn't put him in my top three because although I love him, everyone else does too and quite honestly I couldnt' find a picture to do him justice.. 
Heath Ledger-
Loved his voice, his accent, his cuteness.. If he were still alive, he'd be on my top 3 even if it would make me a cradle robber.
Orlando Bloom-
Love him, hate him..Love his look in Pirates, always love his voice/accent but he's done a few movies where I've gone - uhmm eww what is this you have on?

Fictional Characters:
- Loved him in the books, in my mind he's sooo hot.. I liked Robert Pattinson in the first movie, but the 2nd one where you see him shirtless , well he just doesn't live up to Jacob & it's sad.. Even sadder bc I can't stand Jacob in book 2 but he's all hunky and muscley in the 2nd movie, who can help themselves but to drool?? I can't be blamed..  Which just goes to prove books are always better.


  1. Oh dear, I totally forgot about Michael.DANGIT. Hmmm. This could be a problem.

  2. Oh, I forgot about Orlando Bloom.....oh, yes.


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