Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chaotic Week..

What a week.. It doesn't seem to be getting any better.

Drool Prince is going thru an asthma flare. We went to Yellow Level (nebs every 4 hrs, doubling regular maintenance meds)  for several days with no change.  Finally we got some lovely oral steriods and we're finally kicking it's butt! Thank goodness!! He's been going thru one of his I'm.A.Crazy.Boy.Who.Cannot.Behave.For.Even.One.Second phase so the steriods don't really help that but it can't be helped.

You remember how I told you that The Toddler decided to toss his cookies all over me? Thankfully that lasted only a day or two but then Spoiled Princess started in with it. Thank the fates that she can make it to the bathroom (uhmm except when Daddy Chaos insisted she was better and just needed fresh air in the mode of a car ride sans puke bucket  & she christened her carseat thoroughly). Unfortunately Spoiled Princess' illness went on for several days & her tummy really hurwt.   So we took her to the dr who then proclaimed that child was soo full of crap her eyes should have been brown.  Lovely. Now I feel like a crappy mom b/c geez who doesn't know their child is constipated?  Although I will defend myself by saying - hello, she wipes her own butt.. It's not like a have a Poo chart for everyone to mark when they go.. lol..  So Spoiled Princess has been drinking mineral oil all week trying to empty herself out some.  Poor kid!

Daddy Chaos also went to the dr this week.  I'm a mean Momma and made him go- which is exactly what he told the dr when asked why he was there.  You see, Daddy Chaos has been having chest pains, some dizziness and I decided ENOUGH.. We have too many kids for him to just drop over dead so he was going to the darn dr.  Which is basically what he told the dr.. I'm a meanie.   The good news is that the EKG came back normal.  Dr is hoping it's just esophageal spasms and not heart related at all but he's going to run some more tests next week.  Good, I feel better.  

What a week!! And then it only gets worse.. Gpa Chaos is in the hospital.... I am running out of time & Gpa's story is way too long so I'll post it again soon.. Prayers for him are needed though!

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