Friday, March 26, 2010

Help a Momma out.. never before seen pics!

If you follow me on Twitter then you know I'm in a hair dilemma right now.  If you don't follow me on Twitter- Why.The.Heck.NOT?? Enuf said.. Moving on..   So I am in a hair pickle right now.  I am in DESPERATE need of color. I have like 3-4 inches of regrowth from the last time.. It just ain't pretty.  Court is in two weeks.. Yes 2 weeks.. amazing how time goes so fast sometimes..

Anyway, I need a new do.  I have an appt tomorrow.. with my awesome stylist- who is coming in on a Saturday just for me cuz I'm special like that.. And she doesn't even read the blog..  I need a plan on what to do.. normally I just go in and tell her to do whatever she wants.. cuz I'm easy to please like that and I'm really just there for the head massage/hair washing.. I love my hair to be played with.. I've always said if I ever win the lottery, I will have my own personal hair person to wash my hair and mess with it daily.. Relaxation..

uhmm what was I talking about?

Oh yeah, hair colors.. So I've done a few different colors over the years and in light of the hair situation, I've dug thru millions of photo albums to find a few of myself (I hate pics of myself) to show you some options..

This one is from early 2006.. Spoiled Princess in the sling.. 
Normal dark hair w/ Blonde highlights.. 
From the looks of it, this is not a fresh due b/c I can see roots..Still.. you get the picture :)

So this one is the same hair as above and really didn't need added since I look like shit cow dung but  come on the kiddos look so dang cute! That's Drool Prince as an itty bitty!! He was so tiny.. and yes, being not quite 14mo. apart, they both wanted to sleep ON me at the same time :)

This brings us to the Red hair. And very short hair. Wow.
I'm not going that short right now (I don't think) .  I did like this color!

Lastly is my red with blonde highlights..  I'm kinda partial to that one too..  Go forth & vote..
Help a Momma out.. Just remember I'm getting colored tomorrow AM..

*** Note- I have had two votes for completely coloring a honey blonde.. While I loved the idea, my hair sylist-not so much.  She says she will do it if I absolutely want it but my hair grows faster than a gorilla on rogaine and therefore I will have some icky regrowth in about two weeks (right in time for adoption pics).  So I'm thinking not so much on the complete blonde.   Now have at it!


  1. Love love love the last picture. I wish I could go red. I think the red with the blonde highlights is perfect for you! And I super love that cut too!

  2. Love the last one too! It is you! Although I know you wanna be blonde like me....we defy the dumb blonde rule :D

  3. I vote red too! Vivacious! Perfect for summer.

  4. You ladies are awesome! I went red w/ some highlights.. They aren't blonde this time but just several shades lighter than the red itself.. So far I'm loving it :) I'll post a pic sooN!


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