Friday, March 26, 2010

Attention Please...

You might notice a little more bling on the blog.. I've become an affiliate to a great company that specializes in all things Disney! (ok ok, they do universal too but you all know I'm a Disney addict so that's all I see..) So a few of their cute buttons all over the blog, if you're thinking of going to Disney click thru and give a Momma a few bucks. Or heck just click HERE. And shhh, don't tell them because I'd totally promote Disney for free.. hehee..  I especially love the banner at the top.. Sooo true.

Since we're on the topic of Disney..
Raise of hands-  Who has been to Disney ?

Ok.. put your hands down..

Next- Who plans on going to Disney with your kids (or heck alone?) ??

alright, put your hands down.

Who is planning a trip to Disney THIS YEAR??

Let's chat Disney!  :)

Ohh and while Universal is awesome in it's own doesn't call to me like Disney.. However, I am thinking of running over there next fall when we head to the Land of Mouse  to check out the new Harry Potter park! Cuz that does call to me!! Me & HP are like this .. Woohoo!

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  1. Girl we are booked with Disney. Last week of Sept/first week of Oct. DH is the one in charge. He's slightly obsessed. Well more than slightly!


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