Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Warning- not a normal happy Chaos post..

A local news story is really wearing on me lately. I don't read the news or watch it much.. Probably I like to live in denial, but the news tends to focus on the negative in all aspects & it bothers me to see how much evil this is in this world. Some days I want to take my kids and move to a secluded island somewhere away from all this. So when I look at the news, I tend to look at the "oddest news" or entertainment stuff. Nothing deep. Dudes, I have enough stress in my life.. I dont need to add to it.

However, this local story really hits home.  A co-worker of Daddy Chaos brought it to his attention first b/c he knows the family involved.

Last Thursday, a parent woke up and went to wake their child.  What they discovered is one of most parents' nightmares.  An empty bed.  Their 14yr old daughter was gone.

The search went out...

Did she run away?

Was she kidnapped?

Where was she?

Friday came..

A 17yr old came forward and led them to her body.

less than a mile from her home.

As more of the story comes out, I just cannot wrap my mind around it. What possesses a 17yr old, who surely is a junior in highschool, to go to a 8th grader's home, abduct her, rape her & then strangle her?

It just shakes you to your core.  Drama Queen is the exact same age.  This happened 15mins away from us.  It horrifies me.  It scares me.. I cannot imagine what those parents are going thru.  Sorry peeps, I just can't get it out of my head.. Hug your kids extra today.

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  1. Oh wow!!! Very scary! Makes me want to lock mine up and never let them out of my sight!! I was having a hard time today letting them ride their bikes outside today outside of my range of site. I cannot imagine how painful something like this is!!


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