Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Date :) A Date :)

In a mere 7weeks + a few days,  Southern Darlin' will be LEGALLY ours!!!!

Yes my dears, we have an Adoption Date!!   How easy was that??

Now to just get My state in gear.. As much as I am celebrating the finalization of this adoption, it also brings a little resentment on behalf of the two kiddos who have been in our family their ENTIRE lives yet are still playing limbo in the foster care system.

Spoiled Princess was lucky to only spend 17months in foster care before adoption.

When all is said and done, Southern Darlin' will have spent almost half of her life  (34months) in foster care- 10 of those months in our home.

Baby Bug has been in foster care his entire life (21months & counting) and with the rate our county goes at will be in it for quite some time to come. 

Drool Prince is still lingering away after almost 48months in care so far and counting. TPR happened 18months ago.. I repeatedly told the FCM that I really really wanted to get Drool Prince's adoption finalized before Southern Darlin's came up.  It only seems fair.  He's been here his entire life, why should he have to wait longer than someone who has only been here a small fraction of hers.  I guess I should be grateful that he really doesn't know the difference.  That he doesn't completely understand the concept of adoption. He already uses his new name and has for a long time, we are the only parents he's ever known.. It just doesn't seem fair that he has to wait because someone can't get the forms together to let us finalize.. Someone who is reminded weekly via email & monthly via homevisits.

I digress..   I'm very excited about Southern Darlin's upcoming adoption, I just wish there wasn't this little piece of unhappiness clouding it.


  1. Wow - Congrats. I'm sure it's been a tough road so far, but at least this is progress! Happy for you!

  2. Congratulations! How ExCiTiNg!!! I can't wait to post about an adoption date.

    What is the hold up for Drool Prince? Around here, the judge says adoptions are to be finalized within 4 months of TPR. 18 months? that is ridiculous!!!


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