Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Drool Prince is sitting here flicking himself in the EYEBALL -for the love of Pete, and then laughing & saying ow..  I keep telling him Drool Prince-QUIT doing that!  and he just responds- nope, I like it.

I don't understand, people.. I just don't.

The Toddler (aka Baby Bug) does the same thing- pinches himself while screaming & saying OWIE OWIE OWIE!!! but I attribute that to his being 21months old & just not computing that it's his own arm that he's pinching.. or maybe that pinching hurts? 

One would think that by the time you are this close to turning four, you might realize that flicking yourself in the eye might hurt or when it does that you might just quit.. Apparently, I'm wrong.

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