Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Aliens have attacked..

My blog was attacked by cyber aliens.. No worries, I got the posts deleted..  A trial in blogging via text from my phone has ended and we will NOT be doing that again.. lol.  I have no clue why that all came out all gobblity goo like that and if you didn't see it -well you're lucky!  It looked a little something like this :

???????D ?????DF?????A???????????}?????

uhmm I know I tend to be overly fond of extra punctuation even when not appropriate but that is Not at all what I wrote.. lol..  So apparently my phone & blogger are on the outs right now.

This has drastically cut into my peeing all day (which is what my original phone to blog post was about- Ste@k & Sh@ke with their Super Jumbo drink sizes that I LOVE but my bladder HATES).

Peace Out.. (or In if you prefer..)

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