Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Meds- Day..??

Ok if I think really hard I can figure out what day post Meds start we are but come on, you dont want me to push my brain like that after the day I've already had.. 

Southern Darlin's teacher has been sending home notes after school daily with how her behavior was.  We're trying to work with Southern Darlin' on remembering the behavior that caused her to get in trouble.  Since meds started, notes have been good.  Yesterday, Mrs Teacher forgot to send a note so she chose to call me instead.  Getting a phone call from the elementary school is not on my happy list.  It's normally not good news.  Thankfully this time, Southern Darlin' had a great report.. Mrs Teacher wanted to say that she has seen a HUGE improvement in SD's attention and behavior since starting meds! She's thrilled with the new child emerging. What a difference a day makes.. Today's note comments on her having trouble  focusing & following directions.. No bad behavior, just inattention.

At home, we're still seeing calm days and AllOverThePlace days. I still see moments where she just looks sad. I dont like that.  She has promised the past two nites that she will be REALLY good without the pills because she doesn't like taking them.   Last nite she was laying in bed and said Mommy, I just dont know what's wrong with me..  When I asked her what she meant, she just said "I don't know".

Poor Baby :(  Maybe meds isn't the answer but it's really helping her in school.. I hate that she's starting to not focus already (we're right at our peak performance of meds and possiblity of upping the dosage timeframe) because I really don't want to up the dosage..


  1. Again, just my two cents as a chronically ill kid; You're dong a fsntastic job.

    Does Southern Darlin' know why she takes the meds, or does she think they are because she is "bad". What about a sticker for taking meds? Or a pink pill case? Something to give her ownership?

    Again, you're doing a great job with a tough situation, these are just my thoughts.

  2. Thanks Ashley! We did explain to Southern Darlin' that the meds help her be calmer and focus. Alot of her issues in school are boucning all over the place, not listening to directions ect.. She still refers to this as "bad" bc in her mind if she pulls a stick or whatever then she was "bad".

    I love the ideas!! I'm going to try the stickers first and see if that helps :)


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