Tuesday, February 16, 2010

House 'O' Smell

Probably should have titled this one House-O-Shit but smell sounded nicer.. Too bad I had to go ahead and say both huh?! Lol Now I've spoiled the nice title for you, haven't I?

Today is a shitty day.. All around.

Spoiled Princess was up late LATE last nite whining and crying over her ear.  The ear that only hurts at bedtime- wtf is up with that?  So bright this morning I called the dr for an appt.  Turns out the Princess has yet another ear infection plus a nice red throat to boot..  Momma was informed that ears normally do hurt more at nite (thanks for telling me NOW.. That should be in a book people.. geesh) and that since this is her third one this year & second within a month of each other we will be sent on to ENT if it happens again.  

Off to Pharmacy to get meds.. While on our way there I decided to stop by home and get one of Drool Prince's meds that was conveniently empty.  They were supposed to give me a month's supply but for some reason thought it'd be fine and dandy for just this once, to give me a 2wk supply instead.  Boggles the mind, doesn' it?   I dropped off Spoiled Princess' prescription & showed them the basically empty bottle of meds that Drool Prince has been on for well over a year.. Explained that it was filled the very last day of January meaning it's been barely two weeks & HELLO- meds all gone?  They all mumbled amongst themselves & eventually apologized because apparently the computer screwed it up..  We left an hour later with both meds..

Next on the shitty list-- Drool Prince & Baby Bug have completely refused to nap.  Not as big a deal for Drool Prince but Baby Bug is going to turn into a MONSTER..

Lastly because I doubt I'll last the day to finish the tale.. My house smells of poop.   Baby Bug pooped his pants as you'd expect a 20month old to do.  Changed the diaper, disposed of it.. A while later I was thinking Holy Heck that diaper had linger effect or something!  It turns out Drool Prince decided for reasons unbeknownst to any living creature that he would sit here on the couch and poop his pants. Right after he had been to the bathroom. I can deal with pee accidents.. POOP is NEVER an accident (ok well maybe on those rare explosive situations but be assured this was not one of those)!!!!  Upon questioning, Drool Prince immediately said he didn't think he stunk.. but quickly ran out of sniffing reach.  The boy was finally caught, fumigated & put in his cage (crib- lest you think I actually cage the kids when they are brats) until Momma can look at him without wanting to spank the brat right out of him.

And now I'm left with a house smelling of nasty.. :sigh:   It's been one of those days.

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