Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Randomness

The time my dears has come for more Random Mondayness.. because honestly, it's Monday and who can focus long enough to really post on one thing?  So let's get started already ! :::

I was sitting here in the quiet with my fountain pop (yes, I have a special kind of love for Dr fountain, an addiction if you will) when I hear it go "Plop".  I looked at it.  Why in the world it hit my brain that there must be a fish in my pop who just jumped up to make it plop, I have absolutely no idea.  But regardless it did.  Sure it was probably ice settling or something but I am having quite a hard time drinking said pop w/o thinking of fish bowls. If I think about it long enough, it'll start tasting funny. ACK!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
 As I sit here trying to write this, Daddy Chaos is home from work sick. Trying his best to fit in with the other monsters  gremlins kids, he keeps pestering.  Running his thumb nail along the bottom of my foot which HeWhoIsReadingThis absolutely knows without a doubt that it bugs the crap out of me.  I was informed that he is touching my sock not my  foot . Honestly dude, and we wonder where the kids get it from. Ugh!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
  I happened to be in the bathroom with Spoiled Princess the other day. As I sat there doing my hair, she looked up at me with a smile on her face & says:

"Mommy, are you going to have a baby out of your belly?" 
Uhmm no, sweetie.. Mommy's just fat. lol..
"Look at my tummy! It's getting bigger, I'm have a baby growing in there"
Sorry sweetie, you dont have a baby either. You're way too young!!
" Oh am I just fat too?"
lol, bless her little soul.. Three of her preschool classmates have mommy's with very large pregnant tummies so I'm sure this is where the idea came from. Not that I'm denying being overweight but I didn't think I looked that pregnant on that particular day.. lol!  Oh the joy of bloating, lots of leftover baby weight & preschoolers!

~ ~ ~ ~
Drool Prince got to wear a Holter Monitor (records every single thing his heart does for 24 straight hours) for the first time over the weekend.  His heart rate has been low & has been doing some funky things. I absolutely LOVE his Cardiologist & her nurse.. Once I called with my concerns & admitted that it sounded a bit crazy- they humored me & set me up with a pulse oximeter for home so I can check his pulse daily & the Holter Monitor.   He did very well wearing it, now we just await the results!  Wish us luck!

~ ~ ~ ~
Alas, daily life is now interfering & it's naptime.. So I'll leave you with this randomness.. If anyone else has Monday Randomness , leave me a link :)


  1. You make me laugh! I left an award for you on my blog. Please come get it :)

  2. Did you adopt Daddy Chaos too? LOL, just kidding. That is totally a thing a kid would say!

  3. Babs- Woohoo, thanks for the award! I'll add it soon! :)

    Essie- Some days I'd say YES I did Adopt Daddy Chaos.. lol. He was my first adoption :)


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