Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Vents

Things that annoy me on a Monday :

* Received a case plan for Drool Prince last week stating we had a status hearing on Feb.8th.. Yet no time, no place ect..  That's not the irritating part, I mean come on- we cannot expect DCS to actually be forthcoming with information.  The irritating (ha I intially wrote irrigating..which would take this post in a whole other direction) thing is that I emailed the caseworker immediately and asked if she could tell me which court it was in & what time she failed to email me back.. until this morning.. Obviously I couldn't go on such short notice :( GRR **

* Drool Prince fell down right before going to preschool and hit his noggin on the chair. I knew it hurt b/c he cried (you might remember that he never cries from pain - broken arm). I checked it out but by the time I got to him from across the room, he was done crying and just had a red spot.  No biggie, packed them up and off to preschool we went.. I picked them up a few hours later only to see he's now sporting a HUGE bump- right in the middle of his forehead.  I commented on it and his teacher is like OHH! I didnt even notice that!  Uhmm, how could you NOT notice that?  I'm not really super annoyed by this but come on, the boy is sporting a horn & you don't notice? 

*Drool Prince also decided this morning that it would be jolly good fun to pee his bed repeatedly (he claims 3 times, why he admits it is beyond me) so that when I went down to get him up I found that he was soaked from head to toe. Not a single dry spot on his clothes. NOT A ONE..  I simply cannot get it into my head to figure out WHY a child would want to lay in pee.. There is a bathroom downstairs- which he knows how to go by himself, he was not gated in, was not in the crib.. No hinderance other than his stubborness to getting up and going potty.. Now I can certainly understand an initial pee accident,but not to sit and lay there and do it over and over..  Ugh.

* Baby Bug (maybe I should change his name to Toddler Bug or just The Toddler?) has learned how to take the gates down. He just goes up to them and slams himself against them or grabs on and yanks as hard as he can. This one ticks me off b/c no place is safe.  We have the kitchen gated because in the kitchen is the stairs to the basement.. He will NOT leave the blessed gates alone.. Tips for this other than duct taping him to a darn chair would be appreciated !

There are a few of my vents for the day..

** Caseworker assured me that she'd email me after court to let me know what happened, if anything. Considering DCS is now closed- she renigged on that promise..

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  1. Ugh. I am so sorry about DCS. Don't even get me started on their incompetency issues. Hang in there!


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