Monday, February 22, 2010



This is what I see when I put the oximeter on Drool Prince's finger. I video taped the last monitoring and this was 30seconds worth of tape.  His heartrate just jumps all over the place yet there's no alarm saying it's not sensing the pulse (b/c yes there is an alarm on the machine, it just doesn't go off)..  It'd driving me crazy!  Actually this was a good reading.. Normally it's dropping down in the 60's & the highs are the 80's.   I can put the same monitor on any of the other kids and they will hold steady +/- 2 beats.  I'm going to call the manufacturer to see if they have any suggestions..

Oh and we're STILL waiting on the Holter monitor results to come in.  Have I mentioned how I hate waiting??

**Update- I called the place we got the monitor from & spoke to the respiratory therapist. He agreed with me that if there are no alarms (difficulty finding heart rate or finger probe thingy not on properly) and he's not moving around (nope, always sitting still) then it's not artifact & that's what his heart is really doing.. And I should probably speak to the cardiologist about it.. gee, ya think?  I want that darn Holter results NOW!!!

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