Friday, January 15, 2010

Bloggy Rollin' Join in!

It recently came to my attention that with all the various changes and new backgrounds over the past year, I somehow managed to lose my Blog Roll.. 

I, personally, am not a follower.. I don't care for Google's reader.. I'm old school - I prefer to click on each blog that I read & go to their actual site.. To actually see the words they wrote  IN the fonts they chose ON the backgrounds they picked out.. I just prefer the whole effect, kwim?

So I subscribe to feeds via the little rss feed thingy (see how techno friendly I am??) and then click thru to their site when they have new stuff ;)

So I'm re-adding the Blog Roll (look to the rt and towards the bottom... also down there if you wanna follow or subscribe- go for it!).  I have a rather short list compared to some.. These are the blogs that I check DAILY , some I'm a frequent commenter & others I lurk and giggle behind my computer @ the stories..   If you would- leave me your link (if you're not already on here) and I"ll check you out.. Or leave me a few links to your favorite blogs!!


  1. I see i am already there, so I just wanted to comment that I do the same, as far as going to the blog. I like to see what the blogger has up on their side panels, their font, their background, all of it. The whole package! It's half the fun!

  2. Chelley! There you are! I had lost your link :) Thanks for putting it out there..


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