Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another day in court..

Court yesterday was definitely interesting as I predicted.

DCS lost it's atty who I very much liked.  Unfortunately he has a family now and no one can blame him for jumping ship when his contract was up and moving onto the much more lucrative private side of attorneyhood  attorneyship you know what the heck I"m trying to say..

So this court date was the first time I've met the 'stand in' .. Yes they have 13 applicants but it seems are taking their sweet time going over the applications, so for now we share an atty with some other county..

This atty was HILARIOUS. S'rsly! I  almost burst out laughing in court. He was very...shall we say... enthusiastic?  Reminded me of a hyped up Matlock.

When the judge asked if DCS had anything to add to their already admitted report, he jumped up- fist in arm-and said YES I DO!   :giggle:.

In the end, it went very well.  DCS stated they will be refiling TPR as soon as the new atty can get the paperwork filled out based on the most recent self sabotaging Bmom has been doing..

We shall sit and see what happens, yet again.  Boy this sucks.

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