Saturday, January 16, 2010

And they grow..

For quite some time I've had the little kids put their cups up on the "big" table & push them as far back as their arms could reach so that Baby Bug wouldnt' steal their sippys & guzzle them (or spit them down his shirt as he is apt to do)..

It's now a routine, get up from eating or snack time & shove your cup wayy back.. Test it with pretend baby arms & the shove it just a little farther back.

Tonite I watched Baby Bug take his sippy, put it up on the edge of the table (which is about as far as he could reach) and then clap his hands & take it back down.. lol..   how funny is it that the thing we did to keep him out of others cups, he is now doing?  Too cute!!


  1. Hi, I'm delurking. That story is so cute. I love reading your blog, and all of your ups and downs of having a big family blended through adoption.

  2. Aww thanks for reading Liz! I always love lurkers who Delurk :)


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