Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's bred into them

The little girls were asked to please go clean their room.

You know where this is going right?  Remember they are newly 6 & almost 5..

I went in to check progress and I swear w/my hand on a Bible- they had every single toy known to man & then some PULLED out and strung over their entire room.

Apparently when Mommy says clean, they hear "go play and make the biggest mess you could possibly imagine times 10".

So Momma's voice was raised.. No bad words were issued (thank you.. I am proud) and they were reminded to CLEAN their Room OR ELSE.

Not 10mins later there is screaming.. As in someone is DYING screaming.

Why is it that lil girls can be so blessed dramatic??

You see both little girls got cute pink socks w/ a princess on them for Christmas. Southern Darlin' got Belle & Spoiled Princess got Cinderella..

Apparently Southern Darlin' got it in her head that Cinderella was hers & proceeded to try to PUT THEM ON..

I know!

Bad words did come out of my mouth during that speech that little girls should not take other's things & other little girls should quit being such freakin whiney asses over SOCKS for pete sakes.

Lunch is a cookin'.. They have til the oven dings & our frozen pizza is done to have the room spic & span.. with no more fighting or they will go to bed for nice long naps when Baby Bug does..

On the other hand if they actually clean well, I've promised the ultimate Mommy torture- a game of Candyland..

**Updated **
Unfortunately for the girls & thankfully for me  THIS is what I found :

Definitely not a clean room by Momma standards.. Cleaner than it was but uhmm no where near good enough..    So the girls got to nap while Momma played Mario on Wii (cuz it's awesome, I've missed that Italian man!!) & then finish cleaning their room upon getting up..

To make things even better- Drama Queen arrived home from her trip to town w/Daddy , carrying brand new Pumas.. Which earned her the right to play Chutes & Ladders with the little girls (couldnt' find Candyland.. darn!)

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  1. I hate, HATE, board games. I would much prefer a root canal than a board game with whiners.


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