Saturday, November 7, 2009


The boys are starting to feel a little better.. Ok strike that, Drool Prince is still coughing but acting 96% better! Baby Bug sounds halfway decent with a cough thrown in here and there but is merely tolerable in his current pissy attitude he's donned since he's been sick.

Daddy Chaos, however was going STIRCRAZY!  So we all went to the big city today. Go ahead, flog me for taking my partially sick kids out. I'll sit here and wait...

Southern Darlin' had a therapy appt. This was her second one but as it's been an entire month since her first one- we basically started over.  We are going to be going weekly from now on, it was just a matter of getting on the schedule w/ the therapist!  Things went pretty well but I'm just not comfortable with it. I love the therapist, she's great! I just don't feel comfortable sitting there with Southern Darlin' in the room talking about her. Sure it's all the truth but I dont want her to have to hear it again when she's already lived it and we're past that, kwim?  Anyhoo, the therapist is concerned w/ some things she sees in Southern Darlin' and with her biological parents mental health history & her living conditions for the first 3yrs of life she feels that we need to have an eval by the Dr.  Yes our therapist is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, not one of those P words that I always mess up (psychiatrist? Psychologist?) .  So while we are going back to see the therapist next week, we'll be meeting the Dr. the following week.. Fun times.

Of the few giggles I got out of therapy-
Therapist & Southern Darlin' were discussing houses and how our family lived in our homes with us.
Therapist: What do you think my house might look like?
Southern Darlin':  I dunno, I've never been there.
Therapist: No, you haven't been to my house. Do you want to guess what it's like?
SD: No.
Therapist: Well my house is Gray.
SD: That's an old color! Is your house old?
Therapist: (giggling) Gray is an old color? Like gray hair on old people?
SD  nods..: is your house very very old?
Therapist: No, it's actually not old at all.
SD was very disappointed that her gray=old theory was not correct in this case.. lol

After therapy we headed off to my all time favorite store.. Those who know me well would have no problem guessing that my fav. store is none other than Babies R Us.. Cuz I'm all about babies :) lol.  Baby Bug has begun chewing on his paci's.. [Yes I realize he's 17mo and probably should get rid of them soon but I'm going to keep replacing them as long as he wants them til we get thru the stressful visits and things are calmed down..why I feel the need to explain that to the 'net I dont know but I do.. lol]  Initially the boy had Wubbanubs which he loves to pieces.. The only problem- they are right at $12 a piece. He's chewed holes in all the attached pacifiers & obviously wont suck them now but gets mad screams & throws them.  I'm too cheap frugal to continue that obsession if he won't quit ruining them within days. I did write & ask the wubba ppl if they could somehow replace the pacifiers in all the wubbas I owned but I never received a response- which I just realized & it ticks me off!  SOO, we found the next best thing :

I give you the Soothie Teething Pacifier..  We call it his Monster paci b/c it takes up half his face but he loves it.  I had to do my monthly bi-weekly paci buy.  3 monster's & 1 pack of regular soothies. Ack. It kills my cheapskate heart but it makes him happy & Daddy Chaos reminds me that it's much cheaper than a smoking habit & since none of us have ever smoked we can just let the baby have his paci's and hush about it... Yes, Daddy Chaos. Hushing right now.

Lastly we went to Panera.. I love that place but OMG I could eat @ Logan's and have steak when they're having their super cheap specials for the same price. AND I even packed lunch for the 3,4&5yr old.. WTH?  Oh well the best part is that I got bagels for tomorrow! YUM! And if you havent' been there lately they now have these little mini donut hole looking things that are like little balls of cinnamon crunch bagel. DELISH!  and uhmm yeah I bought some!

*new title thanks to Essie's suggestion..


  1. Okay...never in my life have I seen that Wub.pacifier thing. What in this world is that about? Is the animal attached to the paci all the time, hanging from his mouth? Too funny. We don't have those around here.

  2. I think STIRCRAZY would have been a great title.

    I love anything that resembles a donut. Mmmmm donuts!


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