Friday, November 6, 2009

Always one step behind

Did you guys read the article on the guy that is charging to wear a t-shirt from you (individuals or companies) and document it via the net?  Such a simple idea.. WHY didn't I think of it? geesh!

For those that didn't read the article (and i"m too lazy to link it up) I'll summarize it :
He wears your t-shirt w/ logo on it.  Takes pictures, puts them on his blog/twitter & does a U-tube video about it.. All for the 'face value' of the day.  So Jan. 1 is $1, Dec 31 is $365.

Simple right?  The dude is bringing in $83k for the year!?!?!  I need me some of that action!  I need to figure out how to start a chick version! Any takers? Let's team up and have someone in each time zone & we'll be Mommas wear your shirts! LOL!


  1. Oh man yea. Count me in. :)

    How do people come up with this stuff?


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