Thursday, November 5, 2009


Is it odd that I dreamt of alligators getting into the house  & trying to eat us last nite?

Even odder to me that I would constantly awaken myself from the dream when it got too scary only to fall asleep again and be right back in the same spot! Grrr!

The worst of all is that Daddy Chaos was not in bed beside me. So when I'd wake up and want to smack him for being all stupid in the dream and trying to convince me that we should catch and release this monster alligator who kept trying to eat my kids instead of shoot the sucker with a big ole shotgun that mysteriously appeared.  I totally would have smacked his butt awake had he been there. 

Alas, Daddy Chaos is still recovering from his back surgery.  I KNOW! Still? geesh, it's been almost a week already. pansy!  Until he learns how to bend w/o feeling like his back will split back open, he cannot sleep in our bed (waterbed- too low). 

Normally I wouldn't mind quite so much the big ole bed being sans Daddy Chaos. I mean sure I like to snuggle with him but quite honestly the minute he gets out of bed to head to work, I stretch out and sigh.. FREEDOM..  However, since Daddy Chaos couldn't sleep with me, he had to find a new bed to sleep in.  Drama Queen's bed works well- no stairs, full size, flowery comforter to make him feel at home.  The drawback to that is that DRAMA QUEEN is now sleeping with me.  I haven't slept with that girl in a good 12yrs.  It's no wonder I'm dreaming about alligators thrashing around.

UGH! Send some quick healing vibes for Daddy Chaos.  I need that girl OUT of my bed ASAP!  On a good note, tomorrow's Friday and I am soo kicking her booty to the couch for the weekend :)


  1. Wow I had a dream of alligators last night to and while my hubby was the one feeding them evil doers it was still disturbing.

    I'll send Daddy Chaos some positive healing energy so that your sleep can get back to normal :).

  2. Too funny. I would feel the same way about one of my kids sleeping with me. UGH. Hope your hubby is feeling better soon. My son had surgery a week ago and he is finally up and around some today. Hope your hubby is back in bed with you really soon. :)


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