Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Simple Pleasures & men in uniform

The UPS man showed up at my house the other day.  Oh the joy of getting a package!!

It's silly really how much a simple box in the mail can thrill me, regardless of it's contents.

From time to time I order something and then forget I ordered it so it's a pleasant surprise when it arrives on my doorstep.  Little things thrill me what can I say?!

This time however, I was certain of what the man in brown would be bringing to my door. I definitely had not forgotten this purchase! I jumped up and down & did a little happy dance when I saw the truck pause outside my door.  Daddy Chaos rolled his eyes at my giddiness over a box full of :

Yup! Medicine syringes! 50 of them WITH caps! 

Is it sad that I was so excited over this delivery? 

Perhaps even a bit more sad that I had to go out and find this particular brand and purchase in bulk (50 of them!)? 

You see it's all Baby Bug's fault.  The boy takes more medicine than my Gma used to. 
 Am- inhaler, 1liquid med, 1 antibiotic, 1 pill dissolved
Later AM- 1 liquid med
PM- 1 liquid med
Later PM- 1 antibiotic, 1 liquid med, 1 pill dissolved, 1packet dissolved, inhaler
not to mention nebs when needed and vitamins..

We received a few of these particular syringes the last time Drool Prince was in the hospital.  The hospital used them to store individual doses of his Tylenol 3 & when asked they said sure I could take his home & reuse them! So I did! The convenience of being able to measure out the meds, put a cap on it & take it with you- Wonderful!  Plus those syringes they give you @ the 3letter pharmacy just don't work for crap if you have to use them for an extended period of time. Worthless!  Don't get me wrong, I love our local 3letter pharmacy. They've been very good to us in finding the meds or at one time even another pharmacy that could compound Drool Prince's med but their brand of syringe? Dude they SUCK.

This is the gold star of syringes :

Beautiful ,isn't it?

I never claimed to be sane, did I?  No really.. did I? I can't recall..  If anyone needs some super awesome syringes (for medicinal purposes only! Lol) let me know cuz I have just a few extra.. lol


  1. Does anyone know how to spell "phalyic"?

  2. Lol, as in the gutter as my mind has been lately I did not even think of that! LMAO!


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