Thursday, September 3, 2009

Post of pictures

I've promised and promised that I had pics to post. Then I'd get sidetracked and forget to ever post them. So here you have the post of pics all promised many many days weeks ago!

Attitude King & Drama Queen (with a small part of Baby Bug) at the baseball game we enjoyed last month courtesy of Daddy Chaos' work :)

Southern Darlin' & Spoiled Princess watching the game!

Drama Queen holding Drool Prince , both apparently very interested in the game.

Baby Bug worn by none other than me (who you can't really see except for that lovely fat roll- bleck).. He loved the game but 5hours at the ball park wore him out!

I'll comment now, I know this one isn't the best quality but I was a little tied up w/ Southern Darlin's hair and almost forgot to take the pic! So I ran outside (in my jammies), hollared across the road at them to LOOK AT ME already and SMILE , zoomed in & this is what you get!

Southern Darlin' walking the line into school :)

Spoiled Princess & Drool Prince off for their first day of Preschool
(notice the blog approved pic I thought to take?
so what if took me weeks to post. Shut up!)

Off to the van! Woohoo, we're off to school!

We're here!!

And that my peeps is the end of pics.. Do you realize how NOT easy it is to find pics that are postable when half your kids cannot be viewed by the general public w/o blurry spots or heads turned ect? Be happy you got anything ;)

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  1. You drove that thing to (insert mystery state here) I'm going to send you money :) I used to have one of those, how many stops did it take to fill that up last year when gas was $4/gal?

    Excellent picturing, you know they're going to need therapy in the future. "Mom always made us turn around so no one would have to look at us."


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