Thursday, September 17, 2009

Froggies & Dragons

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So the other morning , I was in the car w/ Daddy Chaos & the youngest 3. It was still rather early in the morning (read: before I really like to be up, dressed and out of the house) and fog was lingering..

As we're driving along I made the comment to Daddy Chaos that I was surprised we didn't have a school delay b/c it was awful foggy once you got outside of town.

Drool Prince pops in with " Froggy? Where are the froggies? I want to see a Froggy!"

Me: No, not Froggy.. FOGGY.

Drool Prince : I said FROGGY mommy! I want to see one!

I sighed , Daddy Chaos chuckled (which is way more manly sounding than a giggle) and we gave up and listened to Drool Prince & Spoiled Princess discuss the froggies..

A few minutes later we pass this stretch of highway that smells. Pigs. P. U.

Every single time we go past this particular stretch of road someone in the car always says:
PU what is that smell!? Naturally this time was no exception.

Spoiled Princess: P.U.!! What is that smell!! Drool Prince was that you?

Drool Prince:
It was not me! It was the froggies!!

A few more miles down the road and we see a truck pulling a piece of farm equipment but not very well and it appears to be dragging the ground.

Daddy Chaos: Wow look at that idiot. He's draggin it!

Drool Prince: A DRAGON?? Where?

Daddy Chaos: I didn't say Dragon. I said Draggin.. You know.. Dragging it.. ohh nevermind.

Drool Prince: I want to see the dragon! Where is it?

Me: Out in the fog!

Drool Prince: Dragon's like Froggies?

It was decided that Dragon's must only come out if there is fog *ahem* frogs to conceal them. Drool Prince & Spoiled Princess spent the rest of the morning spotting misc. dragon parts.

"Ohh I see a tail!! Did you see the tail? It was pink!!"

"I saw a head AND tail."

"no you didn't"

"Yes I did!"

You get the picture.. Our morning was filled with froggies & dragons :)

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