Thursday, September 17, 2009

My week's vents

1.) Kayne is an ass. It's been said various times over the net but I need to say it yet again. ASS. I feel better now.

2.) Everyone was in uproar last week over Obama's address to the kids. Did I vote for him- heck no. Do I really want him spouting his crap to my kids- hell no. Do I think it's brainwash- again.. uhm NO. I let my kids watch it whatever. One thing that irritates me right now is that apparently the highschool taped it and the KINDERGARTEN classes are going to watch it today. Yes a full week + after the original address. This seems a bit silly and wasteful to me. Hello people- they couldnt' get it to get to watch it "live" but now they think that they should make the 3 kindergarten classes get together & watch it all at once? Honestly? What are they going to get out of it? This is probably 70ish 5yr olds all shoved together for the first time and expected to sit quietly and watch tv? I think not. Sounds like a complete waste of time to me. Jr high & high schoolers- sure go for it.. But kindergarten? ugh. We were given the option of writing a note to get our kindergarteners out of being forced to watch it but I say what the heck- have fun trying to corral all of them and get them to watch anything let alone take any meaning from it. Good luck.

3.)Baby Bug has been wearing this heart monitor for almost 2wks now and not another single funky episode. Isn't that how it always happens?!

4.)Adoption worker in state to remain nameless has told us repeatedly that we had the option to transfer the case here if need be to finalize the adoption. We finally agreed that since we get absolutely no travel expenses reimbursed & have already spent $$$$ that we didnt' have to go down for the meeting week, we should just finalize here in our state & save our pennies for whatever they need saved for. AW is disappointed but says fine- start the process b/c it's a lengthy one.. Upon contacting my state ICPC worker I am told that I canNOT transfer the case (as AW says must happen) . I can finalize here if I want but unnamed state must remain financially responsible until the end.. After many back and forth emails what I'm getting from him is that my state is not willing to accept a case transfer , other state is not willing to let us finalize here w/o a case transfer which means we will be traveling to unnamed state and spending $$$$ we do not have yet again. We'll see if AW will be willing to let us put it off til Spring Break so all the kids can go & we'll hopefully have our tax check back at least.

OK Enough of that.. Back to your regularly scheduled blog reading.. Plus I'm fairly certain the baby is stinky.. joy!

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  1. Woohoo - I'm so gonna beat that.

    anyway - hopefully I won't be broke and can visit you when you travel.


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