Monday, September 21, 2009

A parenting 1st!

So I've been a parent for many many years.. Yet it took all these years for me to hit this particular parenting first.

Let me back up and give you a little background b/c I am totally laying blame with the teacher.

So Drool Prince & Spoiled Princess are in preschool this year. Drool Prince has some medical issues and while I was a bit leary of putting him in preschool , I knew he really would want to go so I swallowed my mommy paranoia and enrolled him.

I did however first type of a nice 2 page Emergency Plan for his pacemaker, asthma & allergy issues. It clearly describes why he has each issue, what do avoid for each issue & what plan they should follow if he has problems.

Drool Prince is allergic to milk & eggs. Milk- as in the white stuff that comes from a cow's teat. Just making sure everyone is on the same page here.

Teacher thanked me for the list & asked Drool Prince if he would help Teacher remember these things to keep him safe?! I immediately told her that he would not! He is always doing things that he thinks look fun that he cannot do b/c of the pacemaker ( swing on his tummy- big no no- I got to look like the crazy mama there) or wants to eat things that he cannot have.

One day last week (yes this background is getting long- deal with it.. lol), Drool Prince came out of class w/ a messy chocolatey face. I asked him what they ate and he happily declares "Chocolate Pudding!! I can have it at school, Teacher let me!"
I spent the next 10mins trying to explain to him that he really couldn't have it and his teacher forgot but he couldn't not have it again.. He argued that he can have it AT SCHOOL..


So the next school day, I approached the teacher about the pudding and reminded her that Drool Prince could not have milk or egg products. She immediately retorted that it was a 'commercial' pudding which is fine.. Ok let me quote directly from Hunt's website : "Made with real nonfat milk".. Uhmm no sorry pudding is a no no.

The woman then had the gall to say "We're having string cheese for snack today.. Can he have that?"

OMG I almost pulled my hair out immediately! What is cheese made out of? I think most of us who have made it past kindergarten can say with confidence that cheese is made out of.. Yes.. you said it.. MILK!?

So that was last weeks' 2 days of preschool.. Today I picked Drool Prince up & Teacher has him get his cookie from the table to bring home.. Apparently they made choc. chip cookies , decorated them with icing & were told they had to take them home to eat them. I mentioned that Drool Prince couldn't eat them b/c of the eggs in them... to which Teacher then tried to pull the "commercial product" spiel again.. I'm sorry but they still have EGGS in them. She still insisted that Drool Prince take it home..

So we stand there for 10mins waiting on Spoiled Princess to get out of class & he's whining and crying b/c I will NOT let him eat this cookie. Finally I told him to take his finger and carefully eat the icing. This makes him very happy until said icing is all gone & Mommy throws the cookie away.

People.. ALL HELL broke loose right then. The wails peeled wallpaper right off the walls.

"I dont LIKE you mommy!"

"That's ok . You dont have to like me right now"

And then it comes.. That parenting first that took 4 other kids to get to.. In full preschooler volume :


It only took 14yrs to get to this point. I guess I'm pretty lucky.. Kinda sad that it was the 3yr old and not the almost 14yr old that screamed it at me. You kinda expect that to come from the mouth of an angry teen or maybe that's just me?

He did apologize later -on his own. And reminded me that he really loved me & was just mad about the cookie. He claims to understand that the cookie had stuff in it that could make him sick.. Sometimes I really think it's an old man stuck in a little boy's body with that kid.


  1. stupid, STUPID teacher. STUPID.
    What on earth... commercial food has no real food in it... so thats ok to feed children... even without allergies?
    Show her some pictures of what will happen to him if he has a reaction. Some nice graphic ones. Idiot.
    Totally her fault.

  2. That teacher is pretty much a moron! I like Essie's idea!! Also, dont worry there is plenty of time for your fourteen to say "I hate you" too. Im sure my day is coming to hear that too. sigh.


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