Sunday, August 30, 2009

Celebrating Double

I logged on tonite and guess what I saw?

10 followers!! Some may scoff at that number but I'm going to celebrate! DOUBLE DIGITS! woohoo :) Cake all around :) I'd offer drinks all around but that's more expensive and we all know I'm cheap frugal. What can I say? Little things excite me.

To celebrate Double nite.. Drool Prince decided that he "broke" his other arm & insisted that I wrap it up too. Then he posed for a picture (convenient how he held his arms up covering the face in a non-identifying pose LOL):


  1. I just joined up, so now you'll be even more solidly into the double digits!

  2. Essie-- We'll celebrate you joining up as # 9 and helping me make it to double digits!

    BT- woohoo :) Gotta love you helping me be more solidly in DDs :)


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