Monday, July 6, 2009

Warning- bitchy Momma on the prowl..but cute pic included.

Dont say I didn't warn ya, mkay? Let's start out with our first 'family' pic of all the kids together because I'd rather win you over with the cuteness of my kids before I show my bitchiness.. Naturally I'm a geek and made them all wear matching clothes.. Is it just a bit sad that I had to blur out 3 of the 6 kids? Lol!

So there you have it.. The complete Chaos royal family (minus king & queen naturally bc uhmm I was taking pic and Daddy was trying to get everyone to look at Momma & smile for Pete Sakes!).

Things have been interesting here in the Kingdom of Chaos. Daddy Chaos took the remainder of last week off to help get Southern Darlin' adjusted into our home. The first nite was rough, after the big trip here which took way longer than it should have- getting home, settled in & trying to see everything & do everything at once.. well Southern Darlin' just wasn't ready for bed even if it was very late. We had a lovely meltdown about sleeping in our own beds since after all the girls all shared a bed @ the hotel .. Finally peace was acheived. We spent most of last week doing fun stuff- park, zoo, ect..

Today arrived with Daddy Chaos going back to work. Things went fairly well here even though I was down two helpers (daddy @ work & Drama Queen @ gma's). All the lil ones took naps but sadly things went a bit downhill from there.. Our Southern Darlin' was an only child or baby of the family up til now .. She's not used to others actually wanting to play the same games or toys.. or wanting to see ABCs as well. So if she starts singing A B C D E F G... and Drool Prince or Spoiled Princess start joining in, O.M.G.. let's just leave it at that.. Today was a whiney day in the Kingdom of Chaos and we're all hoping that tomorrow is better.. I'm sure the fact that Momma is not in the best of moods and therefore probably not coping with whiney kids in the manner in which she should, has absolutely NOTHING to do with it.. I need mother nature to install a bright neon sign during this portion of the month to just let everyone know that HELLO- back the hell off and leave me alone ! Absolutely Do NOT email me all nicey nice after ignoring several emails from me only to let me know that we have baby mama drama b/c someone got out of prison early and has now decided after a year away that she should get to pick right up again and start seeing said baby. Too bad someone else doesn't have the brains to read their policy and realize that if TPR has been filed, all services INCLUDING visitation are supposed to be ceased immediately.. or maybe just not the balls to say NO, you may not have visits, too little too late go fly a kite. Ohh well I warned you I was bitchy today. Sorries. At least I gave you a cute pic right? So what if I rambled on and on and on.. Try again tomorrow- maybe you'll get a halfway decent post to read.. but I'm bettign I'll still be bitching about the baby mama drama..

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