Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My sandwich.

ok honestly WTF? It's been one of those days.. I can't even make a post w/o it posting on it's own. I mean Come ON! I go the title typed in and blogger says " Your blog post was published".. uhmm 'scuse me?? I didn't mean to publish so why do you publish w/o me?? Honestly?

Back to the point of the post.. We're gonna pretend like that didn't happen at all, k? mkay!

Sooo my buddy Annie , put up a good post today that really spoke to me. She was talking about the Good News Sandwich which is basically (and I'm completely paraphrasing b/c I dont want to go back and copy/paste what she said b/c that'd totally be plagerizing her but also I'm too dang lazy even though it totally would have been faster than typing all this crap out) layering the bad news with some good news. I tried doing this with my day today but quite honestly my sandwich is somehow one of those super sized mega sandwiches which would literally choke your arteries in one bite.. Let's go for it anyway shall we?

To my newest addition who is still trying to deal with all the changes and find her way in this new family :

*good*Thanks for doing such a great job today not having a fit when we left the park!
*bad*Sucks that you decided to save that for the hair salon where you decided to throw yourself on the floor multiple times after being asked to apologize to your sister for destroying her building in the play area.
*good* Good job informing me that your eyes were happy and you were all done crying now Mommy!
*bad* too bad, we were already at home b/c you had run screaming from me when you were asked to sit down and I had to carry you out of the salon w/ soaking wet hair and no hair cut for me :(
*good* Yay for you eating supper and accepting early bedtime since we all agreed that skipping nap today was probably not a good idea :)
*bad* too bad you decided that after laying down for 10mins you could get up and say Good Morning Mommy!! and then proceed to have a fit when you were informed that 10mins was not 'going to bed'
*good* Great job looking absolutely adorable and innocent once you finally fell asleep which totally made mommy want to crawl in bed and cuddle with you but I didn't b/c I did not want to wake you up and possibly start another tantrum..

Been here 8 full days now. We have had 3 major meltdowns and 1-2 mini tantrums. Completely irritated that we have to wait up to "45 days" to get medicaid approved in our state since obviously sending state medicaid doesn't work here and I want therapy NOW!! Can anyone explain to me how if play therapy is recommended a minimum of 4 times in 2yrs of casefile- why oh why is a foster parent allowed to say no? That wouldn't be allowed here..
Did I mention I have a headache? All kids sleeping- I'm going to BED!!

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  1. I don't know how it works in the particular county that Southern Darlin is from, but here you have to spit shake and pinky swear to adhere at all times to the rules of play therapy - meaning you can never tell them "no" which is why I would NEVER take a kid to "play therapy" here. It took me 4 years to find an attachment therapist, but she can only work in secret because CPS doesn't approve of attachment therapy.


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