Friday, July 17, 2009

Good and bad

It's been a while since I posted.. I know, I know.. Things are busy, what can I say? I think up all these blog posts (boy I can be funny in my head..) and then when I actually get a moment on the computer w/o someone whining that they need me, or the baby doesn't turn off the 'puter the minute he notices that pretty orange light (WHY put the power light right on the front at perfect level for a crawling baby?!WHY?!)- I totally forget what I was going to say.. But that happens alot to me.. I like to say that the kids just suck my brains out b/c it doesn't matter if I only gave birth to two of them, all 6 are sucking me dry.. I can be halfway thru a sentence deeply into a topic when I blink and am competely lost. No clue what I was going to say or where I might have been going.. DH always tries to prompt me with whatever I'd been saying but it leads me no where.. I dont know why he bothers anymore.. ok wait, where was I going with this??

Anyway- things are going ok in the Kingdom of Chaos (knock on wood repeately). Some better than others :

Southern Darlin' is settling in. I discovered the reason (I think) for our outbreak of major meltdowns last week and think it's taken care of.. :)

Drool Prince has decided that even though he basically completely potty trained while we were in TX, it's now cool to start going in our pants repeatedly again.. Fun times..

Baby Bug's biomom was released from prison and has begun visits. It amazes me how these kids who were removed at birth and had very little time with a bioparent can remember so much. Drool Prince was the exact same way but they just cannot stand their biomom :( She reaches out to just touch Baby Bug when I come in and he flinches away and quickly hides his head. He screams those huge cries that no sound comes out right away when I have to hand him over.. It's heartbreaking but nothign can be done. Everyone is afraid to push and give biomom ammo. So instead she requests more visits & voila - sure, whatever.. We don't care that it's tramatizing to the baby, why don't we add more.. TPR trial can not come soon enough for me.

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  1. My boss used to say you lose 10 IQ points for every kid, 20 if there are special needs. I would be like, EXCUSE ME lady, are you serious.... duh....what was I going to say?


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