Friday, July 24, 2009

It's been one of those days. 3yo had an allergy/asthma appt. The dr was in and out quickly (probably to get all the kids out so they didnt get too loud LOL!). It's nice out so we headed to the zoo :) The 5yo is not much of a walker and wants to sit in the stroller (uhmm not room dear) after about 30mins which was convenient since my foot seems to be bruised on the bottom and it was kinda painful to walk anyway.. Still we spent over an hour roaming around and just looking around.

It was a great day.. Sure I yelled a few times about one of the little crew not listening or fighting but overall we had a good time.. Then I got home and read my email.

I am on an email group of moms with kids w/pacemakers. Most all of them have some form of heartblock (which is not what Drool Prince's issue is but they are nice enough to let me in anyway). One of our pregnant moms had to deliver her precious little one early due to the heartblock. She was born a fiesty beautiful little girl under 3lbs. She went into surgery within hours to put an external pacemaker in (too small for a regular one) and came out doing great! We all cheered her spirit and how great she was doing. Unfortunately, her heart just couldnt' make it even with the help of the pacemaker and she passed away at 1day old. I'm heart broken for the family. I cannot even think of words to say to them because I'm sorry seems insignificant. I expressed my condolences in the pathetic way that I could but it doesn't seem enough.

I am going to hug my kids tonite and hold on just a little bit longer. I'm going to tell them an extra bedtime story and sing two songs instead of just one.

RIP little Sophia.. RIP

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