Thursday, July 30, 2009

Love Grows

We have had our ups and downs. Southern Darlin' has been with us for a full month now. In all honestly, it seems like she's been here forever. She blends very well with the rest of the crew and just 'fits'.

In the very beginning I had a little problem.. I loved the idea of Southern Darlin' but I couldn't really say that I loved her. Gasp, go right ahead.. Yes I am admitting in public that I did not have love at first sight with my newest daughter. Remember that this was my first not newborn kiddo. We had lots of meltdowns and tantrums in the early days and I really wanted to tell someone to come pick up this kid I was babysitting b/c she surely wasn't mine. Now yes I have the very same days with Drool Prince, but he's been here since he was 6lbs and he's been "mine" so it never felt like babysitting.

So I got ahold of myself and said Momma Chaos- enough! You are the momma, you need to work on this.. I know I was expecting Southern Darlin' to be a carbon copy (albiet a year older) of Spoiled Princess and it was almost disappointing to find myself with a girl version of Drool Prince.. Don't get me wrong, I love Drool Prince with all my heart but the boy can really push my buttons.

Once I accepted she was NOT going to be just like Spoiled Princess and as indeed her very own special person I started a plan. I endorsed more hugs. When she'd walk by I'd just give her a hug. The girl is growing on me..

Sure it helps that the tantrums have cut down significantly, but we are just meshing better. I'm learning her quirks and triggers. She's learning my rules and is not testing so much. Starting at 5yrs old is sooo different than starting at 0.

Today was the absolute BEST day ever in our adventure together so far. Southern Darlin' has been an absolute angel all day long, very little whining (which is one of this Momma's pet peeves), sharing and just overall being a wonderful kiddo to be around.

We had to get her 5yr old check up (yes 7months late- we wont go there) and physical for school .. Dr noticed that she has a wart (yup... ewww) and was concerned that no one @ her old dr ever took care of it. Warts are highly contagious and with us having so many little ones , he didn't want anyone else to get one. So it was decided that we would remove that very wart (where a frog kissed her so she says.. lol) today.. At her very first dr visit with our dr..

Let me tell you, I was fully expecting a wonderful meltdown tantrum when it came time to remove that wart.. Believe me it was not fun.. Big needle full of numbing, scapel & burning so the virus wouldnt' come back.. Heck I wanted to meltdown.. Sure she screamed for the needle but after that she was done. I could NOT believe it.. We had ice cream for a treat.. lol.

Our nite is ending with just Southern Darlin' and Momma staying up a little late to go play games on facebook. It may not have been love at first sight but it sure didn't take long.


  1. Thats great! I am really impressed about the pain at the Dr. Genea freaked at our first DR, meltdown to end all meltdowns, trying to escape, crawling under furniture etc. THis was all for trying to get her on the scale!!! LOL!
    I totally think that "love grows" as you say. There is a sort of general love and appreciation of all people, then there is what grows as you get to know a person.
    Anyway- happy to hear it is all going within reasonable expectations!

  2. Thanks Essie! Based on our past experience thus far with Southern Darlin', I was completely expecting a full out meltdown ala Genea @ the dr myself. The girl has been really good lately but I find myself just waiting for the other shoe to drop. School is starting in a few weeks so I'm sure that will bring the beast back out :)


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