Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The meeting pt.1

Still alive down here in this nasty Texas heat.. No one has died of heat stroke ....yet.

But can I just say-Oh My LORDY it is HOT!! Incredibly hot!! Beyond my tolerance hot..

Other than the heat (did I mention it's hot?) , we're having a great time. The transition with Southern Darlin' went smoothly if you could call it a transition. I was expecting a little more, maybe I'm just weird? Here's the scenario I had playing in my head :

1.Travel 1000miles away w/ 5kids in tow.

2. Check into hotel, get settled

3. Friday-meet Southern Darlin @ foster home w/ fostermom & adoption worker present. -receive case file to review & spend a few hours getting to know her before heading back to our hotel and chilling alone.

4. Saturday-pick up Southern Darlin' and spend half a day or so together- maybe go out for lunch , the mall, something!

5. Sunday- pic up Southern Darlin' and spend entire day together.

6.Monday- depending on how previous days have went, pick Southern Darlin' up at breakfast and return her at bedtime

7. Tues-Friday- possibly keep Southern Darlin' with us in our hotel room overnite if she wishes, otherwise continue w/ Monday's scenario..

8. Leave and head home again to wait for Southern Darlin' to be flown out to our house..

Nice scenario right? This is how I pictured a nice comfortable transition for everyone involved. I didn't want Southern Darlin' to be overwelmed and I also figured that our kids would need some adjusting. Now let's go over what really happened ~

Step 1- The trip

Leave our house , get 10mins away before Spoiled Princess announces she has to PEE!! Drool Prince joins in on the pee party whining. Stop 20mins away to let them both pee.

Drive another 45 mins before stopping ot grab supper (we left after Daddy Chaos got off work) and let everyone pee again (yes they had to).

JUST get out of parking lot of BK when Baby Bug decides it would be a great time to projectile vomit all over himself, his carseat & Drama Queen who is sitting next to him. Drama Queen burst into tears.. We pull into gas station to change Baby Bug & clean up (Drama Queen crawls to back of van and changes her clothes- dries her tears). Take off again.

The rest of the trip was pretty smooth sailing. Drool Prince was content with his DVD player attached to his lap, Spoiled Princess alternated playing her new PINK leapster & talking about everything she saw out the window, Attitude King was engrossed in his DS and we rarely heard anything from him & Drama Queen had her head attached to her Ipod.. We drove basically straight thru , checked into the hotel and everyone crashed. Odd happening- after months of fighting it, Drool Prince seems to have potty trained via the trip? Go figure!

Step 2- Meet Southern Darlin'

Sooo we had to get up super dooper early to get to her fosterhome @ 9am. According to mapquest, our hotel was 30mins away but we weren't sure if there would be rush hour traffic or any other delays. Thank goodness for the timechange !LOL! We got up at 6am, ate breakfast (free at our hotel- awesomeness!), piled in the van to grab some gas and get on our way. After just one wrong turn (at the very end- oops, but dang it all those little "slight left .1mi" was crap!), we arrived right on time!

...To be continued b/c the rugrats are awake from naps & ready for supper!!


  1. No you didn't just leave us hanging like that! =)

    Can't wait to hear how it went!

  2. ahhhhh! If I realised you were going to leave us up in the air like that, I would have waited - so pretty please, write soon :)

  3. ACK, you really have to put in a follower link so I know when you update. REally, I know you have little else to do, so catering to my selfish demands will be easy. (JK) Hope it is going well- scary for everyone, exciting for everyone!!!

  4. Sorry girls!! I meant to finish up the following morning but life got away with me, then the internet wouldn't connect in our room, then the laptop died and wouldn't charge.. Excuses excuses, I know!

    Uhmm Essie, darling... There is a Follower link :) It was just hidden at the bottom- I rearranged JUST FOR YOU! (ha) when redoing the background so you can find it now :) You'd better follow me after I went to all that trouble for ya !LOL!


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