Thursday, May 14, 2009

Warning: Ticked off Momma

I am just about ready to go throw a brick at the darn school.. or maybe some nice poo-in-a-bag-lit-up? I'm just irritated.

Drama Queen is in 7th grade- ohh middle school. She gets good grades- almost all A's with an occasional B thrown in. During parent teacher conferences, her English teacher went on and on about how much she LOVED Drama Queen and what a great student she was. Then said English teacher broke a hip & ended up in the old people's home to recooperate -in comes sub. teacher for the rest of the year.

Drama Queen had an opportunity to apply for Honors English for next year. Back in my day (God I sound old saying that) we didn't apply for Honors classes, we just got put in them if we had great grades. No biggie. Well nowadays it's a bigger deal, they make you work for those Honors classes. So in order for Drama Queen to get in- she had to write an essay, get a teacher recommendation (remembering that she now has a sub) & have good test scores.

We got a letter in the mail earlier in the week- CONGRATULATIONS!! Drama Queen has been accepted into the Honors English class for the 2009-2010 school year! We were excited- Drama Queen the most excited.

Today I went out and got the mail. Hmmm, another letter from the school- 2 in one week? that's odd! Across the top of my new letter there is :

CORRECTION.... Honors English... CORRECTION.... Honors English....

uh oh.. Apparently there were somehow 'errors' in sending out the letters regarding the students' placement in Honors English so they decided to resend all letters. So our new letter now says :

This letter is to inform you that you were NOT selected for enrollement in the Honors English program for the 2009-10 school year.

Ok honestly people, WTF? You couldn't double check your list before sending it out? HELLO- even Santa checks his list twice and he's got a helluva lot more kids to look over than you. So now I have to explain to my daughter- the one who really just got into the whole learning thing full force this year- that although we just celebrated her acceptance into the Honors program apparently her school is full of a bunch of slackers who cant do their job right and she really didn't get in.. Come on, how fair is that?

In reality, I'll chicken out and make Daddy Chaos break the news. I could almost cry now thinking of having to give her the disappointment. She was so psyched.. it' just not fair. Anyone who wants to join me in throwing some flaming poo @ the school - leave a comment for the address.. lol.. (side note- if flaming poo did get thrown at the school anytime in the near future I will go on record here saying that I had NOTHING to do with it. This is a blog, I can vent my frustrations and fantasies of getting even but would not actually do it.. probably)


  1. Wow, that really stinks. Any way you can revisit this issue with the school before you tell your daughter? Perhaps they made another mistake. Good luck.

  2. What dumbasses do they have running the honors program?

  3. Daddy Chaos called the day we received our notice of the 1st notice being fake.. Left a message with our questions and requested a call back.. Who wants to guess if we've gotten said call back yet?? Stupid people!!


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