Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vibrating Nuts...

Soo, I had this whole post thought out- complete with pictures- about our very talented local squirrel .. It was going to be good and cute- Mr Squirrel posed and everything. But then we went to bed last nite and it happened....

**Warning, not exactly child appropriate**

Daddy Chaos (DC)- Hmmm.. my nuts are vibrating.

Me- *chokes on own saliva* WHAT?

DC- yeah, well I noticed it upstairs earlier but it went away. It feels like I'm sitting on my phone while it's on vibrate.

Me- *snorts* I'll totally google that tomorrow for you but good God can you imagine the porn sites that are going to pop up? I mean honestly, who says their nuts are vibrating?

DC- I wonder if you can feel it on the outside? Wanna try?

Me- *laughs* uhmm no thanks hun. You go right ahead and let me know. I do need all the facts for my blog google research, ya know.

DC- You are totally going to blog about this aren't you?

Me- uhm DUH.. Think of the views I'm going to get when people start searching Vibrating Nuts. Come ON! You totally just outdid the super agent squirrel. You should be proud :)

*** I did try to convince him that perhaps it's his lovely little parts trying to unsnip themselves. It has been 6yrs since the big snipperoo.. He wasn't happy with that theory but come on, how many people can say their testicles vibrate? So now I"m off to google "vibrating nuts".. wish me luck.. LMAO!

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