Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Menu's

Wow look at me.. 2wks in a row! We did great w/ grocery shopping based on our menu. I only grabbed a few other items (laundry detergent ect..) that weren't on the list but I realized later I needed. Cut our normal grocery bill in HALF! woohoo :) Anyway, onto the menu!

Cook out for Mother's Day
*side note, I had a whole menu planned for today(homemade beef &noodles, mashed taters, homemade bread, green beans & califlower/broccoli w/cheese) but when getting together w/ my mom & sister, my plans got veto'd and we went w/ a cook out.. *

Beef Stew in crockpot
Homemade Bread
*side note..again.. I planned on having leftover homemade bread from Sunday's menu but since it got veto'd I didn't make the bread & now I'm going w/ store bought French bread ! oh well! *
**extra side note- beware the vegetable peeler when getting potatoes for the stew.. Totally took a chunk out of my knuckle, now sporting a Scooby Doo bandaid (thanks Drool Prince!). Owie!**

Taco Tuesdays
Crockpot Chicken fajita meat
-eating as tacos &/or Nachos .. I can guarantee 3 are going to pick Tacos & 3 will pick Nachos.. lol

Hamburgers/Hot Dogs on grill
Pasta side

Skillet Lasagna (will add recipe as soon as I find it!)
Garlic Bread

homemade pizza
chips w/dip

Leftovers :) Gotta clean that fridge out
Out to eat for Supper :)

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