Friday, May 8, 2009

Pictures that aren't really pictures

Do you know what really sucks about foster care? Ok one thing among MANY.. the fact that I can't show off how scrumptiously adorable my boys are. Instead you get stuck with pictures like this :

Please note the ONE sock.. The baby (yes he's still a baby, I don't care if he'll be one this month- Shut UP!) has discovered finally how to get off a sock (using his teeth , can't do it with hands-don't ask) so we are constantly in search of said missing sock. Either it's missing completely- in which case, I fear he may have ingested it which could explain his lack of appetite- or it's still hanging from his mouth half soaked. I really need to learn to just put a couple pair of extra socks in the van so he doesn't have to go around either sockless or w/one wet sock... Live and learn.

The rarely seen Drool Prince.. I figure this is safe b/c all you can see is his eye. Come on people, who can recognize someone from their EYE? If you can, then you're a super sleuth (not the pooh, tigger & Darby type) and I can't compete with your abilities. Regardless you are supposed to be focusing on the fingers here. Drool Prince swears they are MAGIC Fingers.. As he wiggled them around at me- Look Mommy! Magic fingers!!

Baby Bug decided to sit on Daddy Chaos' lap and *drive* while waiting to go into the dr. The kid goes straight for the shifter (is that what it's even called? I mean sure I can call it a shifter/gear shift on a manual but what is the correct term on an automatic? Ohh well you KNOW what I mean!)
And finally Baby Bug decides to cooperate and offer you this one last "non-identifying" picture of himself.. I mean he certainly didn't crawl under there and get stuck for the fun of it. He absolutely knew that Mommy would run and grab the camera to capture it for future blackmail to share with you all. See how sweet he is? Silly silly boy :)

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