Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

With Mother's Day quickly approaching, I wanted to take a moment and wish all the mothers out there a wonderful day!

I've been very blessed with my family. I know that many days I take for granted what I have. I warn you this will probably be cheesy and not make sense but work with me, k?

This will be my first year as a mommy to 5! It thrills me to no end that by next year this time I will be a mommy to 6! Five years ago, I thought for sure that two was it and look how far we've come :)

Attitude King came home this afternoon and informed me that I'd be getting my Mother's Day card on Monday because he forgot it at school.. lol. Somehow I'm not surprised since this is the same kid that left the house w/his homework, sat it on the ground to shoot hoops while waiting for the bus & the neighbor found it when she got home this afternoon and brought it over.

I'm trying to convince them that even though I got the official present last weekend (massage, mani & pedi ~ woohoo!)

- that present was really just from Daddy Chaos and they should all still work their little booties off to make me something special anyway.. Ha ha ha..

While I was away at my pampering day ~

Daddy Chaos worked on his final test for a class he's taking (classes are over til Fall! Woohooo!)

Drama Queen gave herself a mani & pedi (she's already planning our next trip to the salon for professional ones together..)

and Baby Bug spent some time bird watching :o)

Life is good. I received two touching emails today that I wanted to share :

#1. simply said ~ "Hope you have a lovely mother’s day! " but it was from the adoption worker that is assigned Southern Darlin's case. Something simple that just touched me that she took the time out of her busy day to wish me that little bit. Sure I wish Southern Darlin was already here with me but Next Year!! Next Year!!

#2. "We all wanted to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day!! Thank you for making mine extra special every year with my precious baby!!" ~from my former IntendedMom (and family). Dilly (my surrobaby) will be 5 this summer, it still touches my heart that FormerIM could have been like so many IPs and ditched us as soon as Dilly was placed in her arms. Instead we formed such a strong bond, a wonderful friendship. I feel honored to have helped them complete their family and it makes me feel great that they still think of me on this special day!

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

**no pics of the other three.. they were napping when I got home, go figure! **

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  1. what a nice post. love the color on your nails. fun fun. what a cute family you have.


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