Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fundraising anyone?

I am in need of ideas. So naturally who do I come to but you? My faithful bloggie readers :) Do you feel the love?

I've been trying to save up for our trip to the lone star state to visit/meet Southern Darlin'.. You see our normal MO is to go on vacation and if we can't quite afford everything well heck here's a credit card. We quit doing that a year or so ago but still feeling the hurt w/ those CCs. I no longer carry one (I still have an account b/c we switch annually to get the 1yr for 0% interest as we pay them off , but I dont carry it so I can't use it). We are trying hard to pay off our debt and I dont want to add to it unless I absolutely have to. Now I had saved up a nice little sum but then Daddy Chao's back went out and he was off work (with no vacation time= no pay) for several days in various weeks.. Which means that little nest egg went to pay bills instead. No biggie, at least we had it saved to pay the bills right?

So back to my story. I'm trying to figure out some quick fundraising ideas to finance our trip w/o having to use a credit card. I'm estimating it's going to cost around $2000 for the trip. $400 in gas (there, back & while there), $800 in hotel at least- which absolutely KILLS me since we always stay in timeshares and there is Nothing in that area - but have you priced hotel rooms that will fit 7ppl lately? It's either a suite or 2rooms. Ouch. , $$ for food & $$ for entertainment since this will be our vacation this year as well.

What am I forgetting? Am I over or underpricing things? Does anyone have any good tips for traveling w/ big families?? Right now I'm looking @ Embassy Suites because not only do we fit but they provide breakfast which knocks back one meal of the day.. lol

Back to the fundraising. Since we are fairly certain that we're going to be done with fostering for quite some time once Southern Darlin' gets here, I feel ok with selling all the baby stuff that Baby Bug has outgrown. I plan on listing the big stuff on craigslist/local sale lists & hope that it goes quickly. I can squeeze our budget & Daddy Chaos plans on working overtime so we can probably get at least half of the money from there.

Any other ideas? We obviously don't know for sure when the trip will be but I'm hoping sometime in June/July.- which makes me just want to run screaming b/c Hello? Texas in JULY? Been there, done that, passed out once already.. lol I do Not do Texas Heat in July..

Coincidentally, Daddy Chaos & I got 'legally' married in Texas. hmm, maybe we should make a roadtrip to that place while we're down there? lol!


  1. We always stay at the Residence Inn. It's super cheap, for a 2 bedroom suite in Dallas a couple of weeks ago we paid $129/night. And that's 2 bedrooms, not two beds in the same room, they also have a kitchen so you can save on eating out. Also provide breakfast and and evening snack/and beer and wine if you are into that.

    The 2 bedroom suites have 2 beds 2 baths full kitchen, they'll even shop for you, and a pull out sofa bed. They allow you to sleep 5 in a room, but we always bring sleeping mats for the little ones. They have swimming pools, playgrounds, and ball courts, and they provide all the balls. I won't stay anywhere else if I have a choice.

  2. Not sure if you have these in the US, but when we travel, we often stay in short-term vacation rentals - basically an apartment. It allows us to get two bedrooms, usually has a sleeper sofa of some type, and a reasonable sized kitchen, where you can do all meals. They usually only have a four-piece place setting, but you can always pick up some paper plates and cups. Usually less or equal to hotels, with much more space. Good luck, looking forward to you picking up you newest daughter.


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