Wednesday, November 5, 2008

She got me!

Mandie tagged me with my very first MeMe! I'm sooo excited :) And it's a photo MeMe nonetheless, how can I possibly go wrong?

So anyhoo, here are the rules (ya know for people who actually read and follow rules) :

* Go to your sixth Picture Folder then pick your sixth picture.

* Hope that you remember the details and write a post about your tag/photo.

* Tag 5 others…

Alrighty here goes .. Techinically since I'm a bit of a packrat, I went to my 6th folder which just happens to be another folder full of more folders.. lol! So I went to the 6th folder there & then the 6th picture.. Hey it works right? A little more drawn out but still :

This picture was taken when we went to Disney this summer. Not the most flattering picture of me (yes that's my chub that Drool Prince is currently hiding his face in) but hey I followed the rules, see how good I am?! Ironically this was riding on the Pooh ride- which was Drool Prince's favorite ride. He'd beg to go on it again and again and again, yet everytime we got started he'd hide his head in my boobs b/c it was too dark and kinda 'kary'.. As soon as the ride stopped, he'd sit up - smile- and ask if we could go again.. Go figure?!

And now for my tagging , ok wait wait.. Before I start let me say that everyone is getting nominated b/c I love their blogs & pics.. just check them out and trust me ,k? Second note- I'm actually reaching a little with a few of my nominations, outside my little circle of comfort.. I'm kinda low on the totem poll compared to some but hey even a peon can ask right?! And no I don't stalk.. I prefer to refer to it as.... ok so what the heck , who doesn't stalk just a little now and then?

Now.. back to the nominations.. Drum roll please..--

1. Kristen - She gets the cutest pics of her daughter!


3. FireMom - love her photos of her boys !

4. Mr. Lady - I kinda want to be her when I grow up.. So maybe she might be younger than me? I'm not sure but still..

5. Chris -- cuz she takes absolutely awesome pics.. Even if it's of a fight between a minivan & huge ass tree :)


  1. So cool that I was the first to ever tag you!!! I really liked this one too. There just aren't very many photo MeMe's. Love the pic!!

  2. That child looks VERY cozy. Good job, momma!

    I'll get this on Monday, for sure!

  3. How fun! I'll definately play along. *smiles*


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