Thursday, November 6, 2008

Not a good day..

My day has been like a slip-n-slide to hell..

First we have Baby Bug's follow up cardiologist appt. We got the EKG done last week and had to sit here all week looking at it and googling the possible scenarios that the ekg machine had coughed up.. (ok I know I didn't have to google it, but if you knew me at all you'd realize that actually I did.. I can't control myself.. damn google inventer!!) . Cardiologist confirmed that the ekg was NOT normal.. She saw two main concerns & even called down to the children's hospital to have them check out his echo from aug.. We have a new appt for early next month to go down to the Children's hospital and rerun all the tests and get a more thorough work up.. Fun times.

On the way out, Drool Prince dropped his gum on the pavement while hopping along singing "Lumpy-dumpity- Doo, Lumpy- dumpity-dee, Heffalumpy like me!" and immediately melted down when Momma would not let him pick it back up and stuff it in his mouth.. At least he was an angel IN the office though ,right?

Next we went to the reg. doc. Baby Bug got a cold about 2wks ago and has been 'over' it for a week, yet his voice is still hoarse, appetite still not back on par, & grumpy as hell.. I was figuring it was the formula/reflux but took him in just in case he was one of those mystery kids that has an ear infection and you just have no clue.. Dr looked him over and declared he had both a sinus & throat infection :( Because of his sucky state insurance who won't pay for a decent antibiotic (drs' words not mine) the doc decided to fix that stupid insurance and prescribed him amoxicillin but also gave him a shot in the office (b/c HA insurance has to pay if it's in office.. nah nah boo boo).. He has to go back tomorrow for a second shot.. Yep, that's right- poor baby has to have 2 shots PLUS antibiotics for 2wks :( I am officially nominating myself for crappiest mom of the day award..

Ohh yeah and if that wasn't enough.. My CAMERA took a poop on me.. I have to send it in (thank god it's under warranty).. wahhh.. What will I do w/o a camera??!

I did get good news regarding Big Sis, but I'll update more on that when I have more definite stuff :)

And to leave you on an upbeat note--
Drool Prince's version of the word 'Fish' comes out sounding quite a bit more like "Bish".. now say it fast w/ a 2yo voice and omg does it ever sound to me like he's calling Momma a bad name.. lol!


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry! I hope it's nothing serious. *hugs*

    I did have to giggle at the Bish thing though... that's pretty darn funny. :-P

  2. My goodness! Sounds like quite a day! Hopefully all will go well at the Childrens' Hospital. It's amazing how scary those things can be even when they aren't even technically our kids!! Just goes to show we are doing right by these kids for loving them like our own!!!

    Love the "Bish"!!! Too funny!


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