Thursday, November 13, 2008

Latin- pretty but foreign

Ok so I didn't get to update on the whole concert the day after. What can I say? Life happens.. But it's only 2days later so that should be good enough right?!

If you twitter w/me, you might have saw me complain just a tad about the concert.. Latin.. ugh. Don't get me wrong.. It was beautiful!! It was a combined concert w/ highschoolers & Jr High.. Unfortunately for us, Jr High was at the end- by which time Spoiled Princess was starting to get sleepy & antsy & ohh yeah TIRSTY!!

I was in choir myself thru 10th grade and apparently we were the hillbilly version. We dressed up in whatever we wanted, the only rule was skirts/dresses for girls & nice pants/shirts for boys. We sang Christmas songs (go ahead, gasp.. I know.. Christmas songs at Christmas time? Never!) and popular songs that most people knew..

Now let me tell you about this concert:
Jr High was required to wear black skirts/slacks & WHITE ( emphasis on only white, no off white, no cream...) dressy shirts.
HighSchool apparently ordered their outfits b/c they were identical.. which just tells me that choir is going to be getting alot more expensive in a few years ! lol.

Yes they looked awesome all dressed up so similiarly. They also looked OLD.. Not jr highers, but BIG KIDS.. And then they opened their mouths.

I could have cried-- they sounded so.. soo.. professional?! No kid sounds.. All grown up and gorgous.. Impressed? Yes I was..

The only thing I might have enjoyed more was if I could understand 2/3s of the songs.. because apparently the choir teacher (director?) had a thing for Latin this summer while picking out the songs.. I knew not a one & most I didn't understand.. Beautiful to listen to the voices but not a word filtered thru. lol.. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she picks at least 1 or 2 songs that I might actually recognize- or understand, for the next concert in Feb!

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  1. I sang all throughout high school and college. A lot of the most beautiful music ever written is in Latin.

    The good thing is it is mostly based on the same couple of scriptures. Once you've seen it once or twice you get to know what it means. It is almost always the same... from the mass.

    I'm not a Christian, and I don't speak Latin but it was easy to learn.

    The choir director should have put translations in the program. It makes it a more pleasant experience for the audience.


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