Sunday, November 16, 2008

Need a nudge?

Ok it's late and the baby is sleeping.. The baby who is STILL sick 3weeks later. We had blood taken on Thurs to verify that he's actually sick (vs the congestion/mucous being a product of allergy and indicating yet another formula switch). We went to the children's hospital where I love their vampires.. oops uhmm blood letting skills?! Normally they can get any of my kids on the first stick..

Not this time. Poor Baby Bug had to be stuck 4 times! We finally ended up going with a heel stick b/c they absolutely couldn't get any blood. All they could find (even with the cool little light thing that I've not seen before) were little spider veins, it appears that the chub was hiding any good veins? Our nurse called down to the lab to plead our case & see if we could possibly do a heel stick on a 5mo.. Anyone care to wager a guess on how long we were in there trying to get blood??

ONE HOUR! Unbelievable isn't it? Alot of that time was the nurse and the IV team nurse searching his poor little body trying to find a vein.. UGH.. Regardless, the bloodwork came back showing a virus.. Fun fun.. Let's hope it goes away sometime this month?!

So the miracle that the boy who cannot breathe well is actually sleeping pretty good means that I need to rush my bootie to bed before he decides to wake up again..

But I did want to post here & tell you to please remind me later that I really want to write about my run in with Spoiled Princess' lil brother & his foster parents.. It's a long story & I just dont' feel like going into it all now, but I figured if I posted this I'd feel at least some responsibility to come back and talk about it later when I have more time.. So give me a nudge and remind me later on, k?!

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