Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Singer is born!

Drama Queen is doing her first choir concert tonite. She's excited and nervous. Her choir teacher (director?) has praised her numerous times on her voice and asked her to do solos.. So far , DQ has declined that opportunity.. I think she wants to see what it's like to sing in front of an audience while in the safety of a crowd first.

Hopefully she'll get the confidence to try a solo soon though! After all, how can she possibly be the ultra famous, ultra rich rock star she claims she'll be in the future? Maybe she'll hide behind her backup dancers? Currently recruiting Drool Prince for the job.

I wish I could share pics tonite, but since my stupid camera croaked on me.. Alas, no pics of the illustrious event. I'll be back tomorrow (I hope.. ok I'll TRY..) to update on how it went ;)

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