Monday, September 1, 2008

In Honor of Labor day..

In honor of Labor Day and in participation with Rocks in My Dryer cuz it looks like fun, here is the best work I've ever done:

How long were your labors? (first contrax to delivery)

Kid #1 -26 long hours
Kid #2 -10 hours
Kid #3 - 13 hours (I thought they always got shorter?)

How did you know you were in labor?
Kid #1- uhmm contactions? lol.. Pain??

Kid #2 - induced

Kid #3 - induced

Where did you deliver?
At the hospital .. #1 & 2 were delivered in the same hospital room a little over 2yrs apart :) #3 was in a different state that I've never even lived in.. lol

Yes please !:) Epidural both times.

Thank goodness NO! Although I was threatened with it with all 3 pregnancies :( Bullies!

Who delivered?
Kid #1- A dr I'd never met. We had a midwife (AirForce only had midwives at the time and weren't allowed to get drs off base-- stupid) but the kid refused to come out.. So I was told to QUIT pushing (after already pushing for 4 hours) and rest until the dr on call got there to use the vacuum. 3 attempts with vacuum and she finally came out- cone head and all :)

Kid #2- OB! Yeah! AirForce finally let us go off base for drs :) Much better experience ! (not that I have anything against midwives- I just didn't like the one I had to use lol!)

Kid #3- A sweet OB who actually listened to me when I told her how my body always stalled for several hours at 6cm. She went to take a nap until I was ready :)

And I'd do it all over again :)

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