Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Spicy Water...

Spoiled Princess has a tendency to claim that everything is HOT. She asks before every meal if said offending item is hot and we have taken to responding with one of three answers :

*No, it's not hot at all- go ahead and eat.

*Yes, it's "burn you" hot. Blow it, be careful!

*No, it's not "burn you" hot but it it spicy hot. Take a little bite.

--note we eat Mexican alot since its' the little ones favorite food (go figure) so we hear the spicy part alot.. Apparently Drool Prince has his own take on what 'spicy' means. Two examples :

-Eating peaches. One taken right from the tree so room temp & one from the fridge. He kept declaring that the fridge one was spicy- although at the time we thought he said 'juicy' because honestly that made more sense.. lol.

-washing his hands with cold water. I mentioned to him perhaps he should turn on the warm water too b/c that was was cold.. brrr.. "It not hot Mommy, it spicy?" he replied. Nope, not spicy DP. it's COLD.. Brrr cold.. We argued Spicy vs cold for a full minute before I gave up. Sure it's spicy water.


  1. That's so cute! We have this same confusion in our house with my 2 year old daughter. I love it when she says "spicy" so I don't mind when it's completely inaccurate!

  2. Lol :) You're right it is cute! They lose these little toddler quirks so quickly :) I always giggle a little everytime he says 'spicy' !


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