Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Everyone loves Ice Cream , right?

Attitude King has decided to run for student council this year. He had to stay after school yesterday with all the other contenders to make a poster. Then he had volleyball practice (co-ed volley ball...41 girls & something like 8 boys... yeah the boy ain't stupid). So anyway, I picked him up after volleyball and asked how the poster making went. What did he put on his?
And I quote ::

Vote for Attitude King !
A vote for me is a vote for ICE CREAM!!

Momma: Uhmm, AK.. a vote for me is a vote for ice cream? That doesn't make sense? What in the world do you mean?
AK: Well everyone likes ice cream right? Who wouldn't vote for ice cream?

True.. true.. Heck I'd vote for him!

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