Wednesday, September 3, 2008

92 would have been wonderful.

Today would have been my dear grandma's 92nd birthday. Would have been, yet she passed away June 2, 2007. Certain days it still hits me hard. I was very close to my grandma and towards her later years I was busier with my own growing family and probably didn't show her quite as much love & attention as I should have.

Grandma was such a big part of my life. My grandpa died while my mother was pg with me, I've seen pictures of him & carry his name in my own but that's really all I have. Grandpa pampered Grandma their entire life together. At the time of his death, she had never paid a bill or written a check, never drove a car- heck she never got her license although she was always the first to assure you that she could drive if she really had to in an emergency.. lol From as far back as I can remember, Grandma lived with my parents. She actually went from sister to sister staying for a while with each one but from the beginning she spent most of her time with us, in the end all of it.

As a child, Grandma was my best friend, my favorite playmate. She was never too busy for you, if you just wanted her to watch you do something - she always put down whatever she was doing to come watch.

When we moved to Florida in my elementary years, Grandma moved too..

Grandma was the one that always wanted to hear you sing along to songs on the radio and then would sigh and say "you have such a beautiful voice."

When I was 18, pg, newly married and living 1200 miles away knowing no one but my husband who went on TDY's frequently- Grandma was the one that would come and stay with me. She was there for my oldest child's first steps.

When Drama Queen was 5months old, we were in a serious car wreck - Daddy Chaos was overseas on TDY. It was Grandma who helped me and catered to me when I couldn't get out of my chair b/c of injuries. She sat with me and kept me company on top of helping to take car of the baby.

When I moved back home at 21 with a 2yo & newborn , a husband in Korea, it was Grandma that was there to help me and comfort me.

I could go on and on.. I think the hardest part of loosing Grandma is how she passed. She had been sick off and on, hospitalized a few times but she always pulled right out of it & was back to her ornery self. So when she got sick and went to the hospital, I talked with her on the phone but didn't go up to see her. She was only in the hospital a few days and I had thought of going up that Friday but since other family (who didn't see her much) was going to visit, I decided to stay home and just go hang out with her the next day when she was home again. She was coming home in the morning anyway right? Unfortunately morning came and she passed away. I don't have alot of regrets in my life but one of the biggest is that I didn't take the time to go up to the hospital and visit with her the night before.

Grandma would have been 92 today and we all thought she'd outlive us all. She was too dang ornery to die. I know she's at peace, she has her loving husband, a son & a daughter there with her in Heaven.. It's just hard to realize today that she never did get to meet Baby Bug and that none of my younger kids will remember her.

I'll hug all my loved ones a little closer tonite.

Happy birthday Grandma ~ I'll always miss you!

**if I can find a picture I've been hunting for, I'll post it later**


  1. Sounds like a lovely woman. May she rest in peace.

    Visiting from MDC.


  2. How lovely for you to have grown up with a grandma so much part of your life. It would have made her death all the harder, but to have all those wonderful memories and so much love for her is wonderful. I knew only one of my grandmothers, but she lived in another state so I saw her rarely.


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