Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Addiction at it's finest..

I have an addiction you see.. I've tried hard to give it up. I've went cold turkey.. I've tried just limiting to once a week- if you're really good you can just one.. One won't hurt.. But in the end my craving gets the best of me & the addiction wins out..

Yup, how sad is that? Dr Pepper- not just any Dr pepper but FOUNTAIN dr pepper - is my addiction.. Too bad it's not really healthy and not good for my teeth either.. Conveniently it comes in these really nice big cups though.. And when it's any size for 69cents, who is honestly going to get the small one? I really need to break the habit but willpower and me? we just aren't on speaking terms..


  1. I have an addiction like that. Except mines Starbucks. I always get 2 venti vanilla lattes.

  2. Mine is Diet Coke. You aren't alone.

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  3. I'm a coke addict too... and I want to give up but just can't seem to get it out of my system.

    Here's my WW.


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